Our Athletes


Team Power Monkey Coach & Former Team USA Weightlifter

Mike Cerbus

Mike competed in the sport of Weightlifting at an elite national level from 2005-2014 . He medalled at 3 National Championships and 5 American Open Championships, taking out the title in 2011 as American Open Champion, while also being selected to the United States Pan American & Olympic Qualification Teams in 2012.  

**His best lifts included a 140kg (308lb) Snatch, a 170kg (374lb) Clean, a 175kg (385lb) Jerk, a 530lb squat, and 525lb deadlift at a bodyweight under 170lbs.**

As I have become more immersed in the fitness community and also acquired a crazy schedule, the need to have healthy, dense, and convenient nutrition is at an all-time high. Fit Fudge is packed with quality fats, protein, and flavor like nothing else. It has become a treat, but also a resource in sustaining my energy and caloric intake in the crazy pace that my life now has.

Jolene Quirke

5 time CrossFit Regional athlete, CrossFit SEO owner and coach 

Being a mother of 2 wild and active boys I am busy these days running my CrossFit box. I love what I do, but often find myself with limited food prep time. I love having Fit Fudge as an option, not just for myself, but for both my boys! Grant absolutely loves it. I feel really good giving them a snack that has wholesome ingredients that I can pronounce. There are good fats and the protein content is just right!  It’s a big hit at CrossFit SEO. I’m so thankful we have Fit Fudge; it's a wonderful product I feel confident about putting in my body!!